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Dutch kite team to cross Greenland using a snowbuggy.

In 2006 Eric "MTwater", initiator of the Snowbuggy Team, started dreaming of crossing Greenland using wind power and kites. Many crossings were and are still done on skis with the aid of wind powered kites.

Eric's novel idea was to modify a kite buggy that he uses on the beach and replace the wheels with skis.
The "snowbuggy" concept was soon born and after several years of designing and field testing in Austria and Norway, finally in 2011 the 4th model proved to be an instant success.


Snowbuggy Team aims to cover at least 6.000 kilometres on Greenland in about 6 to 8 weeks.
Daily distance to cover will be around 200 km, but the snowbuggy concept already proved itself of being capable of doing 400 km/day. When the team will succeed in its plan, they will have set a world record for longest distance travelled in polar conditions.

The team members are all seasoned kite buggiers and many of them already hold several national & world titles and records related to wind powered travel.
With over 60.000 km of accumulated practice in their beach buggies, they are well up to the challenge !

"Crossing the horizon is true adventure."